The ever evolving advancements in automotive technology drives the need for leading edge products, tools, equipment and training for our customers and service providers.

Club Assist offers Product Solutions & Technical Services that oversee the quality control process for new as well as existing products, ensuring that product specification, performance and service life satisfy the relevant global and local standards.



The MBC-5500 is a Mobile Battery Computer that uses a combination of dynamic conductance, temperature and deep scan technology to diagnose the health of an automotive battery. It will also test a vehicle charging and starting system as well as check for parasitic drain. The MBC-5500 is designed specifically for roadside and workshop environment.

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EverVolt Batteries are designed to meet high specifications and feature the latest technology from some of the world’s largest battery manufacturers. Backed by one of the worlds largest Mobile Battery Service companies, EverVolt Batteries offers consumers a high quality, reliable battery and peace of mind with each purchase.



The MBC-7500 is the most innovative and advanced mobile battery diagnostic tester in the automotive market and is the single solution for battery testing.



As the motor vehicle becomes more complex, previously simple tasks like changing the oil, brake pads, or a battery will now often require the use of a diagnostic tool.

Assist2Reset enables technicians to register a new battery in around two minutes and deliver a complete service to customers at the roadside or in a workshop.





In the past the only solution for a flat battery was a jump start, however this wasn’t always the best solution. In 15 minutes, Safe2Start will deliver enough energy into a flat battery to enable it to start a vehicle, eliminating the need to jump start. Safe2Start is able to identify a faulty battery and will terminate the charging process if required. Safe2Start also protects vehicle electronics by eliminating the risk of power spikes, surges and reverse polarity connection.