Club Assist Marketing offers a range of tested and proven online and offline marketing strategies, campaigns and tactics that specifically support Motoring Club Membership, Automotive, Batteries, Road Service, Auto Glass, Car Electrics and Vehicle Inspections.

Offering our clients best practice marketing programs, with proven results that support:

  1. Increased member satisfaction, acquisition, retention and salvage;
  2. Increased battery conversion and club revenue, as well as decreased 2nd and 3rd member call outs;
  3. Digital marketing solutions specifically designed for the battery and glass market;
  4. Patrol and technician awareness and conversion programs;
  5. Call center awareness and conversion programs.

We offer our clients an end to end integrated online and offline marketing and design service, and work with each Club’s marketing team.


Club Assist offers educational brochures and leaflets to ensure your customers are reminded of the value of the mobility solutions program.

Fixed Site

Members and non-members can be kept informed about the benefits of all the mobility solutions offered with a series of creative collateral for Fixed Sites created by Club Assist.

Technician Programs

Promotional campaigns are created for roadside service patrols and SDC’s with creative incentive ideas to keep your customers motivated.

Call Center Resources

Club Assist offer promotional material on the mobility solutions to keep consumers engaged.

Digital Offerings

Through dedicated resources, Club Assist can help develop, manage and maintain club digital and online campaigns. Utilizing contextual, demographic and geographic targeting, along with global search engine optimization Club Assist can ensure club campaigns remain relevant and accessible to Members.

Digital Banners

Club Assist Marketing can help get your brands name in the digital space.

Seasonal Advertising

Seasons change and so should your advertising. Club Assist keep your ads fresh and relevant!


With Search Engine Management our experienced team optimize core audiences search for their customers.

Social Media

LinkedIn? Facebook? Twitter? Instagram. Club Assist can support in social media campaigns.