The Values capture and express what is important to us at work.

Values guide the way we behave and interact with each other.

Values help us work together to achieve business success.

Everyone plays a role in living the values.

Our People

We acknowledge and celebrate
efforts and achievements

we invest in and support the development of
our people to set them up for success

we create an environment that is safe f
or our people



We are accountable to each other and take
ownership and responsibility

We focus on delivering results for
the business

If we make a mistake we admit it and
strive to fix it



Customer Focus

As trusted partners we strive to be valued by
members and our customers

We are proud to stand by the quality of
the work that we do

We consider the external market in
everything we do



We encourage creativity and ideas

We learn from our experiences and
search for better ways

We take a positive approach
to challenges



We strive to provide help and support
without being asked

We get actively involved with our
team to add value

We work together to achieve the
business deliverables



We treat everyone the ways we would
want to be treated ourselves

We respect and value each other’s cultural
difference and diversity

We are open and honest in the way
we communicate